Monday, March 21, 2005


Thee Moths + Go Home Productions

So, here we go then, the first in what we hope will be an ongoing series of links to places on the web where you can discover new sounds for free. In the near future expect pointers to individual tracks, net labels who offer their entire catalogue for free and some fun stuff. The honour of being first goes to Thee Moths, a band that revels in the joys of DIY recording and has had numerous releases out. On offer is a free download going by the name of ‘Folk EP’, it’s beautiful glitch-folk, traditional Scottish sounds, field recordings transformed into fractured brilliance. You can find it at or via the news page over at

If you are after something a tad more direct, then these two tracks are top-notch fun, pogo along to 'Ray Of Gob' a welding together of the Pistols and Madonna while 'Breakin My Bloody Process' melts Kasabian, The Music and My Bloody Valentine into a full on baggy fest. Find them and more at Go Home Productions.

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