Sunday, April 24, 2005


Playlouder Singles Club + Elsewhen Records

Now I know that at least one person reads this (Hi Lazy!) I thought it was time for more free sounds. First up how about The Playlouder Singles Club for all your latest indie sounds? You do have to register for this one but you can opt to receive no mail from them and you do get full access to tracks dating back to June 02 from the likes of The Futureheads, The Blood Group, Franz Ferdinand, Tom Vek, Art Brut, Towers Of London and 65daysofstatic. A good way of hearing some of these bands before handing over your cash! Three tracks on offer each month.

Elsewhen Records is the label set up by Sam Dodson of Loop Guru to release music by his other projects Thaw and Slipper. Anyone who read the VP Top Tens of 2004 will see Slipper featured in both my album and single choices; superb dark Jazz with sexy beats, soundtracks for Invisible Movies. If that tickles your fancy head to Elsewhen and locate the navigation box on the left, click downloads and you will see a fine selection of unreleased tracks that will tease and seduce you from both Slipper and Thaw. Down the bottom find some early Dodson work in the form of Transmitters from the late 70s/early80s, punk spirit with those world grooves taking root.

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