Thursday, July 06, 2006


Miklataklitim + Shabby Records + Ctrl/Alt/Canc.

With the school summer holidays fast approaching and the prospect of a 9 year old directing the daily routine, I thought I should update this blog to keep you going (that's if there is anyone out there reading this!) over the summer.

So first this time is the mighty Miklataklitim net label coming at you from Jerusalem and I think I've fallen in love. This is probably my favourite net label so far and I've only just begun to scratch the surface of the material they have available for free download. Really you just need to dive in and see what they have on offer, it's part of the excitement not knowing quite what you are going to turn off all your indie by numbers nonsense and go listen to something a bit different, open your ears. I'll be plugging this label again as It's going to take me about six months to work through all their delights...go on, just click on their name up there and you will magically appear at their site and just head for the MP3 section. Happy listening.

If you get through that, you may want to check out the various oddities over at Shabby Records, not quite so much on offer but still plenty of sounds away from the straight & narrow.

Finally for this time, if you need something to calm you down, stretch your mind and get those brain cells ticking over visit CtrlAltCanc who specialise in bringing you field recordings, experimental sounds, electroacoustic etc. Plenty of fascinating material to tune into and well worth a visit.

So there you go, don't forget to mail the labels to let them know what you think. All the MP3s are free to download from these net labels...they just want you to hear the artists.

Monday, June 19, 2006


Scream-a-long Records + Lepers + PinkPube Records.

It's been a while once again, I really should come back and look after the web skimming garden a bit more often. Needless to say there are hundreds of net labels out there offering free music and plenty of sites offering far more extensive lists on where to find them but it can take hours sifting through them so I hand pick one or two that I find interesting and hope that someone bothers to read this and check the labels out!

Now, a vast majority of the net labels seem to release electronic music of one sort or the other, so for all those that like something a little more extreme I give you Screamalong Records coming at you from the pits of Worthing! If some death/cybergrind/IDM music tickles your fancy and you want to check out the likes of VomitKrusher, Fuckunt, Slut Crush & Snuff Fetish (you get the idea!) then click on the link above and enjoy the sick sounds that await and I'll see you in hell. (Check out the xmas release...classic!)

If you want something a little less harsh, then check out Italian label Lepers who have an odd collection of material that needs exploring...just go and listen.

Finally this time, we head to Malta to look at some Pink Pube electronic noises that shift from minimal techno to harsh beats and once again, well worth exploring.

Still trying to find a decent free net label that offers some simple indie guitar tunes, if anyone knows of one, please point me in the right direction.

Thankyou for listening.

Friday, April 21, 2006


YukiYaki + Free Sample Zone

Time to go and discover some more lovely sounds.

First head over to the shiny YukiYaki site where they have a handful of free releases at the moment, lovely bleepy, minimal electronic things bubbling away with plenty more to come and stylish art work.

When you have downloaded that lot, point your browser at the Free Sample Zone where much of the work has been created using good old fashioned cut n paste techniques by one person though there are releases by a few other artists available too. Plenty to wade through at this site & lots of nice surprises lurking...should keep you busy for another few weeks, just got to find time now to listen to it all.

And while I'm here, don't forget to keep checking in on the V/Vm 365 project (see previous two posts for link), lots of good stuff going on and all free of course.

Monday, March 20, 2006


Slipper + Transmitters + You Are Not Stealing Records

A very nice Netlabel from Portugal called You Are Not Stealing Records whom release all their material FREE to download including covers, are releasing some material by good friends of mine, Slipper & Transmitters.

The Transmitters were jerky post punk who in the late 70s, early 80s shared stages with the like of The Slits, The Fall & Alternative TV...this is the first time this material has been available for a very long time so go get a slice for free.

In the Transmitters was a nice man by the name of Sam Dodson who later emerged in Loop Guru (who have a fine album coming out later this year); Slipper is his own project outside of Loop Guru and is described as "Exotica for the 21st Century", a seductive mix of electronica, lounge, jazz & experimental sounds. You can hear them and find links to Loop Guru at Slipper and they too have an album being released by the Not Stealing lot.

Below are all the details you need:

'Yes it's true!! FREE MUSIC Transmitters are giving away an 8 track ep"Count your blessings" !1987 - 89

Slipper are giving away a 14 track album"Attack of the Killer Lobsters"You can download sleeves and tracks from You Are Not Stealing Records.

So, head for Transmitters if you like a bit of post punk funk scratchiness and for Slipper if you want to light a cigarette and relax in your velvet smoking jacket....but why not treat yourself to both, they are free after all and then go add them as friends over on MySpace, they are very friendly.

Also check out the many other fine releases that Not Stealing have on offer, plenty of interesting sounds for everyone.

Thankyou, Over & Out.

Friday, February 17, 2006


Sundays In Spring + Gaye Bykers On Acid + V/vm

That time has come again to point towards some more free sounds. First up we have the delightful sounds from Sundays In Spring who have this to say of their net label :

"Our goal as an indie netlabel is to favor the intimate, bucolic and melancholic colors. We want to defend musicians who share a similar sensitivity.Take care."

Beautiful delicate stuff it is too.

Something old next and you may wonder why I am called Grebo? Well, check out one of the best Grebo bands there ever was in Gaye Bykers On Acid and wrap your filth encrusted ears around Everything's Groovy and then whatever other debris is floating about. They were a fine band and this is a nice site with plenty of info and tunes. This is why I am called Grebo!

Don't forget to check out the V/vm 365 project as mentioned in the last post, it's been running for around six weeks now and I'm loving it as they say on the TV ads. I'm enjoying the daily picture and writings as much as the music, well worth checking out.

Over and out.

Friday, December 23, 2005


V/VM Test Records

Not been by for a while so thought it was time to update with a project that will keep you going for the whole of 2006! Head over to V/VM Test Records, home of fucked up beats and mashed up recycling where you will find over 600 mp3s on offer for your delight and a final project that starts on the 1st January 2006 called V/VM 365 - A digital media recycle bin, where daily audio will be given away for people to use and abuse. They also want people to support this by spreading the word and getting involved with remixing so head over to the website and make some noise.

Have a fine festive time and see you on the other side.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Bedroom Brain

Yeah, I'm back and so quickly following on from the last entry with the never less than interesting Bedroom Brain net label that mixes up it's styles in great fashion. As a starter head for the lo-fi bedroom pop of The Sewing Circle, then treat yourself to some casio-core by way of lo-fi bluesy-pop (so it says!) of Yakzweeper then round it off with a slice of noise-rock from the Japanese band Zero Orientation. If you want seconds delve in and help yourself to what ever takes your fancy and don't forget to go and say thankyou to the nice people.



Where does the time go? Anyway, this lovely little net label should keep you going until I manage to get back here as Kikapu have a massive 83 releases to search through; the artists that have caught my ear so far being the dreamy Crashed By Car, the quirky indie pop of Space Plans and the mash up of synth & guitars that is No Tech. I've still got plenty to wade through so happy listening and do make sure you visit the band websites and tell them how lovely they are!

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