Thursday, June 09, 2005


Alpine Chic + James Ray/4080Peru

It's that time again, so crank up those computers for something new and something old to tickle those dancing feet.

First up are Alpine Chic coming at you from Zurich. They are a net label giving it all away free along with the artwork. What are they giving you? Lots of tasty electronic music from the Swiss underground music scene; it's all good so dive in and cover yourself and then lick it off the person next to you. Tastes good doesn't it?

Now for something old and slightly darker. James Ray emerged way back then when Goth was Goth, first with his Performance and then his Gangwar. A few tracks were produced by The Sisters Of Mercy mainman Andrew Eldritch and they turned out dark electronic music...goth with beats if you like. A large number have been put up at James Ray so go check it out if you like a bit of eyeliner with your history.

4080Peru is the latest James Ray project and they have a 50 minute piece of music for download called Empty White Boxes, a minimal shape shifting beast of pulses and barely there landscapes.

So, plenty to keep you going there, until next time...

2 more rather fine pieces have been added over at One clocking in at over 30 minutes, the other around 12 minutes. Nice sonic landscapes for want of a better description. Well worth checking out if you like long abstract works.
4 tracks in all totaling over 2.5 hours of some of the best music I have ever heard.
Glad to see someone else likes it too! I'm hoping they will add some more material soon as it is rather fine.
Check out the new 'Longfolk' stuff, it's absolutely amazing. Acoustic and melodic, as you'd expect, it's nothing like you'd expect!
He's selling the cd on ebay UK, just search for 'James Ray Longfolk'.
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