Friday, February 17, 2006


Sundays In Spring + Gaye Bykers On Acid + V/vm

That time has come again to point towards some more free sounds. First up we have the delightful sounds from Sundays In Spring who have this to say of their net label :

"Our goal as an indie netlabel is to favor the intimate, bucolic and melancholic colors. We want to defend musicians who share a similar sensitivity.Take care."

Beautiful delicate stuff it is too.

Something old next and you may wonder why I am called Grebo? Well, check out one of the best Grebo bands there ever was in Gaye Bykers On Acid and wrap your filth encrusted ears around Everything's Groovy and then whatever other debris is floating about. They were a fine band and this is a nice site with plenty of info and tunes. This is why I am called Grebo!

Don't forget to check out the V/vm 365 project as mentioned in the last post, it's been running for around six weeks now and I'm loving it as they say on the TV ads. I'm enjoying the daily picture and writings as much as the music, well worth checking out.

Over and out.

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