Monday, March 20, 2006


Slipper + Transmitters + You Are Not Stealing Records

A very nice Netlabel from Portugal called You Are Not Stealing Records whom release all their material FREE to download including covers, are releasing some material by good friends of mine, Slipper & Transmitters.

The Transmitters were jerky post punk who in the late 70s, early 80s shared stages with the like of The Slits, The Fall & Alternative TV...this is the first time this material has been available for a very long time so go get a slice for free.

In the Transmitters was a nice man by the name of Sam Dodson who later emerged in Loop Guru (who have a fine album coming out later this year); Slipper is his own project outside of Loop Guru and is described as "Exotica for the 21st Century", a seductive mix of electronica, lounge, jazz & experimental sounds. You can hear them and find links to Loop Guru at Slipper and they too have an album being released by the Not Stealing lot.

Below are all the details you need:

'Yes it's true!! FREE MUSIC Transmitters are giving away an 8 track ep"Count your blessings" !1987 - 89

Slipper are giving away a 14 track album"Attack of the Killer Lobsters"You can download sleeves and tracks from You Are Not Stealing Records.

So, head for Transmitters if you like a bit of post punk funk scratchiness and for Slipper if you want to light a cigarette and relax in your velvet smoking jacket....but why not treat yourself to both, they are free after all and then go add them as friends over on MySpace, they are very friendly.

Also check out the many other fine releases that Not Stealing have on offer, plenty of interesting sounds for everyone.

Thankyou, Over & Out.

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