Thursday, July 06, 2006


Miklataklitim + Shabby Records + Ctrl/Alt/Canc.

With the school summer holidays fast approaching and the prospect of a 9 year old directing the daily routine, I thought I should update this blog to keep you going (that's if there is anyone out there reading this!) over the summer.

So first this time is the mighty Miklataklitim net label coming at you from Jerusalem and I think I've fallen in love. This is probably my favourite net label so far and I've only just begun to scratch the surface of the material they have available for free download. Really you just need to dive in and see what they have on offer, it's part of the excitement not knowing quite what you are going to turn off all your indie by numbers nonsense and go listen to something a bit different, open your ears. I'll be plugging this label again as It's going to take me about six months to work through all their delights...go on, just click on their name up there and you will magically appear at their site and just head for the MP3 section. Happy listening.

If you get through that, you may want to check out the various oddities over at Shabby Records, not quite so much on offer but still plenty of sounds away from the straight & narrow.

Finally for this time, if you need something to calm you down, stretch your mind and get those brain cells ticking over visit CtrlAltCanc who specialise in bringing you field recordings, experimental sounds, electroacoustic etc. Plenty of fascinating material to tune into and well worth a visit.

So there you go, don't forget to mail the labels to let them know what you think. All the MP3s are free to download from these net labels...they just want you to hear the artists.

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